Eclipse today (September 13th).  Oh-oh—what fresh hell is this?  Should I just hide?

Negative, Captain.  Eclipses are energy.  Learn how to USE it.

Here’s what you do.  Figure out WHERE it is—i.e., in which astrological house of your birth chart it lands.  1st House?  Revamp your approach to life.  2nd House?  Overhaul your finances.  3rd House?  GREAT!  WRITE!  4th House?  FINE!  MOVE!  5th House?  CREATE!  6th House?  Get that physical you’ve been putting off.  7th House? Check in with your partner, because your relationship is going to get a huge WHOOSH of amperage, and you want to keep it balanced.  (Don’t have one?  You will…) 8th House?  Expect transformation involving other people’s values—birth-death-legacy-divorce—meeting your own.  9th House?  TRAVEL!  10th House? Career issues are up.  11th House?  Friends and groups are going to up the ante.  12th House?  Time to get your spiritual house in order.

Next, take a DEEP BREATH.  Don’t panic.  Expect disruption, because any surge in energy will do that; but relax: you CAN handle it.  The important thing is to know where it falls, so that you can meet it calmly.  Preparation is all.

And once you have calmed down, sort your priorities pertaining to the House involved.  Don’t know which one it is?  Call an astrologer.

Preferably this one.