Call me crazy, but I love folding linens.  Smoothing the sheets, matching the pillowcases, tucking the fitted sheets into manageable squares, wrapping the whole into stackable bundles and then stashing them in their closet…order.  Somewhere deep in my soul, the secret urge for order is served and satisfied. 

Pioneer brides counted this as part of their dowry, snowy piles of hope, stored up against a hostile environment.

Reading charts does this for me, too, particularly when the world is mad or stressful or both, as now.  The apparent chaos of current events can be tracked and accounted for, its timing known and planned-for, its meaning divined and contemplated.  This doesn’t mean I can fix it, but it helps me to evolve a strategy to co-exist with it and even thrive in adverse conditions; and that gives me strength and stamina.  Each of us has a map to get us through….