Hallelujah!  Mercury goes direct on the 11th—at 7:32 PM Atlantic Daylight Time.  We can breathe, now, right?  We’re out of the woods until October!

Not so fast.  Apart from the Shadow (the catch-up period until June 28th, when Mercury races forward to its retrograde point), we’d do well to consider what we learned from the accommodations we were forced to make over the last three weeks.  Every inconvenience holds a lesson, if we choose to look for it.  And if we don’t—we are likely to have to repeat it when Mercury retrogrades again, in about 3 months’ time. 

Retrogrades are GIFTS.  They force us to take stock of matters governed by whatever planet’s down for scheduled maintenance—altho’ in point of fact, it is WE who are being realigned and reset.  We emerge from these ordeals bruised and panting from our dislocation; but we’ve grown, whether we recognize it or not.  

And that, of course, is the point of the exercise!