Occasionally I get asked, “How often should I see an astrologer?”  That’s a tough one, because it varies, depending on the need.  A better question would be to ask yourself WHY you want to see an astrologer.  


• Do you want some perspective on what you’re going through at work?  

• Do you want to check out the dynamics between you and that incredible person you just met?  

• Are you looking for the right time to get married or start a business or take some time off?  


MORE importantly, do you want to understand yourself better?  Because there’s work involved—for you as well.  But this, to my mind, is the best use of an astrologer’s expertise.  Getting to know your own cycles (and the astral weather that affects ‘em) is the first step towards learning to live with them.


So, let us say you are committed to this idea of knowing yourself.  How often should you come?


My own feeling is that you SHOULDN’T have an astrological reading any more often than once a month.  You need time to digest what you’ve heard, to check it against your own experience. A month is a lunar cycle (29 days), which gives you a chance to entertain every mood the Zodiac can throw at you, plus a hefty dose of whatever else the astral weather may contain.  


Two months may be too long an interval period, because self-knowledge requires attention, and you might miss something crucial in the flood of planetary events—which will affect you still, but you’ll lose your sense of the flow of things, that evolving sensitivity to your own processes which a lunar-monthly check-in affords.  


That said–for some folks, a yearly check-in is enough. Annual cycles are based on the Sun, the outer personality; monthly cycles follow the Moon through the ebb and flow of the inner nature.  


Why do it at all?  Because—if you know yourself well enough—you’ll be able to answer your own questions!