On October 5th, Venus goes Retrograde; and languishes there until November 16th.  And about that time clients will call in a tizzy about relationship issues, which have suddenly, seemingly, soured.  “(S)He’s moving away from me!”, they wail.  “(S)He says (s)he needs time to think!”  And so they do, however threatening and scary it may be to their poor bewildered partners.

Venus does this every 18 months or so.  And we NEED it to do so.

Venus Retrograde is THE ideal time for soul-searching about relationships. For 6 weeks, we feel the urge to pull away from others, to befriend ourselves internally.  What we are doing is actually very healthy: we are refilling the well of our emotional selves, examining our needs versus desires, considering the state of our unions (or our quests to establish them), exploring how we relate.  It is a period of personal evaluation, possibly requiring course corrections and reframing in our deepest relationships.  And—assuming we do the work—we emerge refreshed, eager to re-engage.

But for The Other, it’s scary as hell.  “(S)He doesn’t love me anymore!”  Au contraire: it’s possibly the most loving thing anyone could do for his or her partner.  So enjoy your time alone—and do your OWN contemplating.