Wednesday’s New Moon at 24• of Cancer is all about relationships, and figuring out new ways to play them.  It’s a heady mix of emotions, well-laced with passion and outrageous enthusiasms—not much practicality here.  But for whatever we lack in groundedness, we more than compensate in creative work-arounds—we literally invent as we go along.  And we begin to look beyond our own concerns, to the wider world and its needs.

What dominates this chart is the exact opposition of Pluto to the conjunction of Mercury and Mars.  Lunations are the start of the monthly cycle, and this one challenges privilege in all its various forms.  The Mercury-Mars Sabian degree is 15 Cancer: “In a sumptuous dining hall, guests relax after partaking of a huge banquet.”  Pluto at 15 Capricorn answers with a demand for generosity towards those less fortunate: “In a hospital, the children’s ward is filled with toys.”  It’s worth asking ourselves the questions: “What do I owe my neighbor?”  “How are we taking care of each other?”  And Saturn—which rules the sign Pluto occupies—rests at 29 Scorpio: “A First Nations woman pleads to the chief for the lives of her twin sons.”  Love as a principle of redemption and commitment.

In other news, Venus and Jupiter are still traveling closely together, altho’ Venus is about to move into sober Virgo.  Never mind, says defiant Jupiter, I’ll go it alone.  The party is not the same, however, particularly later in the month when Venus retrogrades back into Leo:  the snazzy show tunes will suddenly sound tinny and false.  After a summer of gorgeous excess, we grow uneasy, longing for more mundane fare.  (And we shall get it, come September.)  But for now—that extravagant last call before closing…

And that still, small voice, clearly begging for compassion and charity.