Heigh-ho!  It’s fair season again!

Psychic fairs; holistic expos; wellness conferences abound…there’s a smorgasbord of events for every taste.  And we, the swamis, scurry forth from our winter hibernation and dust off our crystal balls or Tarot cards, and trot out the sage smudging-sticks and essential oils…there is suddenly a huge hustle and bustle in mantic circles, vying for punters’ coin; and for some of us, blinking in the sunlight as we emerge from our caves, this is all very disorienting.  And for those punters—well, there’s one born every minute, right?

That’s the perception; and perhaps it once was true; nowadays, the dynamic is very different.  Modern practitioners see fairs as opportunities to demonstrate in small the range of our skills and abilities, displaying our wares less to entice than to educate.  We don’t expect to make money at fairs: they provide an opportunity to meet the world and strut our stuff, so to speak.

To connect.  And if we DON’T connect—to correct our pitch, because the aim is to advertise.

But it is also to meet people; and to be entertaining in the process; and to have fun—because it IS fun.

Fair play.