Uranus enters Taurus today, after eight turbulent years in Aries. During those years we have seen a burgeoning Arab Spring; the rise of Isis; the astonishing election of Donald Trump; the growing choruses of “Me, Too!”, “Black Lives Matter!”, and “Idle No More”.  Right-wing ideologies fuel right-wing populism in industrialized countries; less developed nations struggle to throw off colonial institutions.  Fake news has taught us to distrust media altogether, tho’ we’re still addicted to the Internet in one form or another.  Uranus the Trickster has rammed home a new belligerence: EVERYONE is pissed off about SOMETHING, rightly or wrongly.  And self-interest is suddenly politically correct.

Enter the Bull.  Taurus hates pretentions and sham; and with Uranus here, the trash gets dumped unceremoniously.  Taurus demands plain-speaking and honesty, so expect a fair bit of blunt calling-out.  Taurus craves peace, but not at any price: Taurus requires authenticity.  Taurus asks hard questions: “Is it useful?  Is it practical?  And WHAT DOES IT COST?”

Taurus is the sign of money; and with Uranus here our values are going to get shaken up.  We have to decide what matters to us in our daily lives, and to make hard choices about what we’re willing to pay for it.  And we can expect our habits and tastes to change in ways we never expected.

Uranus wakes us up to creative solutions: in Taurus they will have to be pragmatic.  Though Taurus is tenacious and patient, Uranus lends speed to the enterprise.  Immovable objects will suddenly exert irresistible force.  Over the next eight years, expect mountains to come to Mohammed.  Things will get DONE.

Let’s make sure they’re the right things….