August is Eclipse Month this year.  If you have planets in mid- or late Leo—or very early Virgo—your life is in for a seismic shake-up.  Come to that, WHEREVER eclipses land in your chart, expect rumblings, at the very least.

The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th emphasizes relationships: how they feel at the outset versus how they work once things settle in for the long haul.  Because Mars conjuncts the Sun, we’ll want jump in with both feet; but the Moon reminds us that rushes of enthusiasm need to be incorporated into the rhythms of day-to-day life.  We are answerable to and for our relationships; and they expect balance.  What that looks like in any of our lives depends on the houses in which this eclipse falls.

Cue the Solar Eclipse on August 21st (a.k.a. the North American Eclipse, because it will be visible across the continent).

There has been enormous hype about this eclipse, partly because we’ll see it; partly because it forms an exact trine to Uranus, the Planet of Revolution; and partly—on a political note—because it falls exactly on the Ascendant/Mars conjunction in the natal chart of Donald Trump, the current American President.  There is a great deal of naked power in this Eclipse, which is about bringing emotions and ideas to physical form; unfortunately it’s also coupled with a great deal of fuzzy thinking, which could result in even more arbitrary decisions than we’ve seen thus far.  Vast power; scant wisdom; explosive tendencies:  wherever this eclipse falls in your chart, these are the elements you’ll be encountering.

Eclipses occur reliably every six months or so—generally as a pair, but occasionally as a trio—of Solar and Lunar events.  They rotate backwards, which means that next year they’ll fall in January/February and July/August (a trio: Solar-Lunar-Solar).  And they stay in effect for about three years.  Events connected with this year’s crop will continue to reverberate until 2020.

Advice?  I’d say review the areas of your life indicated by where the Eclipses fall.  If you don’t KNOW where they fall—call your astrologer and make an appointment!