Stop it!  Resist it! 

There is a great deal of hype about today’s Eclipse and the one on November 3rd.  These are powerful celestial phenomena, reflecting the tumult below.  Yup, they ARE mighty; but guess what?  They’re regular events!

Eclipses happen every six months or so, in predictable patterns which recur every 19 years.  There are generally two: a Solar (New Moon) and a Lunar (Full Moon).  Sometimes there are three: two Solars and a Lunar, or two Lunars and a Solar.  They come whenever the Moon’s Nodes cross the Ecliptic (the Sun’s apparent path, around which the ancients plotted the Zodiac) close to a New or Full Moon; and they last several minutes to an hour.

And so far the world hasn’t ended.    

In astrological terms, Eclipses are bursts of ENERGY flooding into whatever part of the Zodiac they fall.  This means that wherever that part is in one’s chart will suddenly receive a megawatt jolt.  In human terms, by understanding what sector will be spotlighted, we can anticipate and make long-needed changes, knowing that the heavens will provide additional strength to help us do so.  If we resist that flow, we can experience a tough time; but we give it to ourselves.

Eclipses do accelerate change; but then, everything that’s alive changes.  If we don’t—we court death.  It’s that simple.  Fearing change is fearing life.