I have a theory, developed over time, that every major planet has asteroid hench-creatures, minions who refine larger planetary principles with nuanced subtlety.  Let me explain by example.

Saturn, the legendary malefic, the stern taskmaster of the planetary host, represents limitations, pain, insecurity, and fear; but it also stands for discipline, structure, and focus.  But its two servants, Chiron and Sedna, relate to very different aspects of those things.

Chiron indicates where we were wounded early when we had no defenses, couldn’t see it coming, and wouldn’t have known what to do if we had.  It is called the Wounded Healer for the very good reason that it offers us a choice: we can go on hurting others as we were hurt, perpetuating the cycle; or we can go forth to protect others from this kind of abuse, and so effect our OWN recovery thereby.  Out of real anguish comes healing and transformation—a more positive outcome of the kind of suffering Saturn can inflict.

Sedna, by contrast, pinpoints the ways in which we feel hard-done-by, whether or not in fact we actually ARE.  This is where we feel sorry for ourselves and blame others.  Sedna’s lesson is how NOT to be a victim—how to turn whatever aggravation we experience into a pearl.  Again, a heavy, unpleasant, painful experience; but one which teaches us how to recognize the triggers to self-pity and disarm them. 

Put together, we have an expanded understanding of how we work with pain.

The beauty of considering this difficult trio as a whole is that we can use their lessons to weather and rise above adversity.  To borrow a phrase from Oprah—“If you know better, you do better”—and it’s true.