Thinking about angels lately, since Saturn’s been occupying that degree (triggered yesterday by Mars) as it will be again, retrograde, most of May.  The Sabian Symbol for 9* Capricorn is “An angel carrying a harp”; and since Saturn transits describe the tenor of the times–the Zeitgeist, if you will–they’re on my mind.

Angels, I mean.

Heavenly messengers, harbingers, guides…everyone has his or her take on them. While I often sense divine presence, I think there’s another, less literal way of looking at them.

As role models.  We can BE them–angels–for others.

My Southern mother used to preface all sorts of requests with the phrase, “Darling, be an angel and…”  She MEANT would I stop whatever I was doing and do whatever she wanted me to do, but the object was to help her; and that’s what angels do.  They help.

Because I spend a lot of time considering planets and asteroids and the Sabian images for whatever degrees along the Ecliptic they occupy, I end up contemplating whatever messages their movements might contain about how to live; and this one speaks volumes to me.

9* of Capricorn suggests that we get out there and be angelic. That we HELP, in whatever form seems good to us.

With or without harps….