​Woke up this morning and realized there are no planets in air signs right now.  In fact, no planets in air (except the Moon—fleetingly) until the end of August.
What does this mean?  Well, there are four elements in western astrology: earth (practicality); water (emotion); fire (enthusiasm); and air (intellect).  We are suffering from a dearth of intelligence—all month.  Sure, we can think: but mental processes won’t come easily, so we’ll have to build workarounds, as with any shortage.  If we throw enough money, intensity, and passion at a problem, we can probably solve it—but without any pretense of elegance or simplicity.  Rational thought is a stretch right now:  we are in a period of what my father liked to call “nae brains”.
So, instead of an ill wind that blows no good, we have no wind at all.  What a perfectly telling backdrop to one of the nastiest elections in recent history…