There’s a lot of hype right now about having FIVE (soon to be SIX) planets retrograde during an unusually long Eclipse season—three this time instead of two—a lot of hype, because there’s also a LOT of intensity flying around.  (Eclipses will do that.)

Time to take a breath.

Retrogrades are the astro-phenomena everyone loves to hate; but they are both necessary and USEFUL resets.  We NEED to stop and reconsider once in a while, in order to avoid mistakes past and looming.  And we need to contemplate according to the nature(s) of the planet(s) involved.

What’s retrograde right now, in order: Mercury, the Planet of Communication (until August 19th); Mars, the Planet of Action (until August 27th); Saturn, the Planet of Work (until September 6th; Neptune, the Planet of Compassion (until November 24th); and Pluto, the Planet of Transformation (until October 1st).  Uranus joins them from August 7th to January 6th—at which point there’s another Eclipse.

What does this mean?  In a nutshell, that this is not a summer for going forward—nor, with Eclipses shaking us up, for holding our ground.  THIS is a summer for FORENSICS:  looking backwards, because that’s what retrogrades demand of us—examining our mistakes and learning from them; reassessing our goals; restoring relationships fractured in the break-neck pace of the past few months.  This is a God-sent opportunity to get it RIGHT, since all of the heavy, slow-moving planets are pushing us in the same direction: time to move with the tide.