Here we are, at the end of Venus Retrograde—Friday morning—rich and redolent of relationships revisited—about to plunge into a Retrograde Mercury—Friday evening.  Jupiter has moved into Sagittarius, its own sign; and Mars is headed for Pisces on Thursday. 

The astral weather has changed drastically: all summer long Retrograde Mars duked it out with Eclipses in Fixed signs—Aquarius and Leo, with occasion nods to Uranus, in Taurus since May.  Everything felt urgent and dire and frustratingly S-L-O-W to resolve.  In September we were barely able to breathe and assess damage before, in October, Venus went Retrograde: suddenly we were forced to reconsider relationships and finance—love and money—lest either evaporate.

And now we’re at the end of that period, and on to something completely different: REAL BREATHING ROOM.  Even with Mercury Retrograde looming and the inevitable Christmas rush (the two have a way of combining in heartwarming, Hollywood-esque mishaps), there is still a gradual relief from tension on the horizon.  We are at a crossroads, actually able to CONSIDER what is next, before it hits us like a freight train.

And so—the radical question arises, born out of storm and fury and drama and passion—WHAT DO WE WANT?  And what are we willing to lay on the line for it?  And—perhaps the most important idea of all—WHAT DON’T WE WANT?

And that last question prepares us BEAUTIFULLY for January’s Eclipses.