Monday’s total Solar Eclipse at 12:16 PM AST is both optimistic and dangerous.

Optimistic, because of an elatedly loopy relief after months of pent-up panic and dread–daily or distant, it has taken its toll on us. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is, “A bluebird perched on the gate of a cottage”–a perfect image of domestic bliss–a lovely way in which to start a lunar cycle. But it is also dangerous, because Neptune, the Planet of Illusion, squares it at 19* Pisces–“A Master instructing his disciple”–and there are many ways to learn hard lessons.

We need to be scrupulously honest with ourselves and others; we need to look gift horses in the mouth. The capacity for self-delusion is at an all-time high–and so are the stakes: mistakes made right now have CONSEQUENCES. Enjoy the rush of hope: but be clear-eyed and vigilant about it.

Oh, yes–and WEAR A MASK!