Every so often, we come to places of transition—watershed moments that lead us away from the known past towards a future that is both unfamiliar and uncertain.  Uncomfortable places, that make us feel precarious and vulnerable; and, yet, this is where growth takes place.

Just as one falls in love when one is by oneself—away from the beloved and so free to dwell on his or her qualities without the distraction of presence—so we come to know ourselves better by dislocation from all that we thought we knew before.  Paradoxically, distance brings us closer to authenticity.

We can’t keep this up forever, of course: we need the normal, the mundane, the trivial.  We need the ordinary to remind us of what we’ve built so far in this world.  It supports us.  But inside this sheltering infrastructure we are changed; and eventually those changes work their way into the scaffolding and become part of our lives.

Which is where astrology is incredibly useful: we can chart our progress though these choppy waters.  We can ponder new plans, comparing them with old goals and assumptions.  We can see ourselves more clearly, and so make better decisions.

And ALL of this—the profound and the picayune—is in our charts.  The maps we got at birth.

Worth contemplating.