This Eclipse at 21• Virgo is focused on tolerance and working together towards a shared goal.  The Sabian Symbol image is “A girls’ basketball team”, which emphasizes cooperation, in a sport traditionally dominated by men.

Girls are superb b’ball players, as anyone who knows the game will tell you.  But tradition says otherwise; and for a long time women had to fight to be recognized as the consummate athletes they are.  Bucking tradition in order to get something DONE is the theme of this Eclipse; and believe me, there’s plenty to do.  Europe is awash in refugees, souls seeking only a better life; missing and murdered Aboriginal women deserve a proper inquiry into their disappearances; people of colour all over America fear for their children’s lives—and their own.  The recurring question remains: “Why can’t we live together in harmony, and how do we do that?”

Trouble is, the status quo is almost always in SOMEBODY’S interest.

Eclipses shake things up, which can be disconcerting; but sometimes that’s a GOOD thing.  Ideas and interests get entrenched in murky places; and eclipse energy tends to push us out of the rut and make us DO something about it.  We can do this; we can buck tradition; we can get going and help.

And we must.