Everybody has ‘em.  Those days of horror and despair, where you debate with yourself about even getting out of bed, let alone TALKING to anyone, even after coffee.  Nothing works.  There is no more sugar; and the cream has gone off.  Your zipper breaks.  Even the dog looks askance.

Astrologers have those days, too.  The only difference for us is that we generally know WHY we’re having ‘em, and how long the misery will persist: we can look at our transits and SEE the cavalry off in the distance.  It doesn’t fix anything, but it makes the bad times bearable.  Sometimes just knowing how long we have to persevere helps.

Stars and planets—the elements of our trade—actually do nothing TO us; but over millennia they have proved a useful mirror.  Their movements are tracked and well-documented; so we actually CAN predict trends with them.  How precise are these prognostications?  How accurate is YOUR weather guru?  These are forecasts, not visions: they indicate probabilities tailored to YOU.  A good astrologer can help you make decisions, based on the odds; but she will never make them for you.

Bad hair days can sometimes be fixed with a mirror.