Okay, folks, this is it: we’ve got exactly one week before Mars goes Retrograde.  Mars, the Planet of Action, of DOING, is going Retrograde–ALL SUMMER.  Got that?  Ready?  I thought not.  Me, neither.

Mars–also the Planet of War–has been exceptionally active lately, in this increasingly bellicose atmosphere.  We’ve seen civilian bombings, school shootings, sky-rocketing murder rates, nuclear threats, trade wars–not to mention spectacular, deadly volcanic eruptions.  We are numb; shell-shocked; burnt out.  We could use a rest, a dialing-down of intensity, before next month’s THREE Eclipses shake us up.  So actually this retrograde might not be so bad.

Retrogrades halt us, according to the nature of the planet involved.  When it’s Mercury, all forms of travel or logistics get jammed or confused: computers crash, planes are early or late, keys are lost, appointments are missed.  Yet REAL communication, the kind that gets to the core of matters, thrives: we get a mental reset.  With Venus, it’s time to review our  our hearts: until we take stock, relationships are apt to be rocky,  And with Mars–we can’t GO forward; but we can evaluate and PLAN our next move before we get into trouble. Leaping without looking is never a good idea; and retrogrades demand that we stop and consider where we actually ARE, before we set out again at the end of August.

My plan for the summer is to stick to retrograde activities, because these will actually flourish.  Any and all forms of taking stock, from reworking business plans to cleaning out clutter, will go swimmingly, because these things pertain to the PAST.  This is that last lingering look before we set things in stone, our chance to give ourselves a firm foundation to weather the storms to come.  We are catching and fixing flaws; eliminating bugs; putting out small fires before they rage and burn us.  This is rear-guarding at its finest; and it is the best use of this otherwise frustrating period. So take stock and try to take it easy!