The next few weeks (until the 19th of September, when Saturn returns to Sagittarius) might be hard to navigate for the oddest of reasons: compassion.  Yes, the milk of human kindness has the distinct likelihood of curdling, if we are not careful. 

Let me explain: we want to be kind, we want to be good, we want to help our fellow souls on the planet.  But what exactly that means in execution is mightily unclear these days, as Jupiter in early Virgo—the sign of service—moves to oppose Neptune in misty Pisces.  We get sentimental; we mean well.  We see that others may not have seen what is in their best interests.  And WE BLUNDER IN—always with the best intentions—TO HELP. 

It is not likely—until Saturn shows up, with a kind of ascerbic clarity—that we will have the foggiest notion of what help actually IS.  And we may actually HINDER—and not be thanked for our pains.

In fact—what actually may be best—is what used to be called a “watching brief”—i.e., waiting until it becomes clear how it is that we may actually be of service.

Sometimes the kindest thing is to leave well enough alone, lest we make a right muck of things, which—in the end—are not ours to mar.