Eclipses are stressful—a water-cannon’s worth of energy, aimed at whatever part of one’s chart in which they land.

That’s pretty common knowledge; and stress IS common with every Eclipse, Lunar and Solar alike.  But what is NOT common—what is individual to each one—is the effect on the OTHER planets; and their effect on US.

And the Lunar Eclipse on July 27th will be PARTICULARLY so, because of its relationship to the other planets.

Mars, the Planet of Action (and, not incidentally, of War) is exceptionally cranky this summer, because it’s moving backwards until the end of August.  In this Eclipse chart, it conjoins the Moon in Aquarius, making us feel cramped and itchy under the skin; the Leo Sun hates admitting those mistakes we are itching to make.  And rebellious Uranus in Taurus—squaring the others—ups the emotional ante.  Tense and INTENSE, with a tendency to take it out on others.


Full Moons are always about relationships, because the Sun and Moon oppose one another in the sky.  Eclipses amplify those passionate feelings–so relationships are going to bear the brunt of this harrowing period.  And they don’t deserve it.

When you’re frustrated and freaked because you can’t move forward, think laterally.  Look at the people you love—and love them better.  Appreciate THEM when you’re feeling unappreciated by the rest of the world.

THAT’S how you avoid collateral damage.