Last week I wrote categorically that psychics “read” clients, astrologers consult with them; I’m here today to retract the statement.  I was reminded by a colleague that he regards his practice as a high “performing art”, which DOESN’T mean he isn’t an accomplished counselor and healer.  But he does a lot of taped MP3s, which by definition limit discussion; and they work just fine for the needs of his clients. 
There are MANY styles and sorts of astrology, just as there are many kinds of psychic readings; and I meant no disrespect to any of ‘em.  (Except the charlatans, and you know who you are.)  The good news is that if you are looking for a reading, there is likely to be several people whose focus and expertise will suit your interests and personality.
There ARE bad apples in this field, tho’ in my experience they don’t last long.  Word of mouth is gold for any practitioner of divination; and the profession tends to be self-policing. 
Autumn is traditionally a season of introspection; so it’s a perfect time to take stock.  Whatever and whoever your preference be, c’mon down!