Every day the weather changes; and we complain.  Too hot; too cold; too much rain; not enough rain.  We react; we take it personally.  But weather is neutral: it rains on us whether or not we have an umbrella.   Planetary patterns affect us the same way, whether we know it or not.

“Mercury Retrograde AGAIN!!”  I heard all last month, when it was.  But people who never heard of astrology, let alone retrogrades, still lost keys and files, missed planes and appointments, and confused instructions and directions.  Over Christmas and all through January, people sulked and sooked about relationships gone wrong and finances being awry—a 6-week Venus Retrograde; now we are into a LENGTHY Mars AND Saturn Retrograde period, during which time getting anything started will feel like slogging through a swamp filled with molasses.   The good thing about retrogrades is that they slow us down, so we can work smarter and more efficiently; the bad thing about retrogrades is that they slow us down, so due diligence takes longer.  Either way, some will complain and some will wear rubbers.

This is Astro-Weather—the psychic-emotional climate mirrored in the skies.  It WILL have an impact, whether one believes in astrology or not.  As with meteorological forecasts, if we know what’s coming, we can prepare.   Either generally, as with trends for the area; or specifically, with a professional look at one’s chart.  I recommend the latter—obviously—but for the reason that the clues as to HOW to ride out storms or capitalize on sunny periods lie within the chart of each individual.   It isn’t prescriptive—human nature is ornery and requires internal debate; and astrologers, like meteorologists can be WRONG—but the information is THERE, if you look for it.  And if you need help in locating it—call me!