Trying to write a blog post about what to get for each sign, I bogged down. Everyone I know is broke; and most of us have too much stuff anyhow. And then it occurred to me: Mercury is Retrograde. Time to say all the things that generally go unsaid—and a MARVELOUS time to tell people what you love and admire about them. So—should you desire a run-down by sign–here goes:

  • Aries – Their courageous boldness and exciting immediacy. Aries gets on it right away, fearlessly.
  • Taurus – Their patient tenacity and blunt honesty. Taurus has an uncanny ability to fix or heal anyone organically.
  • Gemini – Their verbal wit and sense of curiosity. Gemini can articulate almost anything cleverly.
  • Cancer – Their maternal tenderness and sensitivity. Cancer is the BEST comforter of all.
  • Leo – Their big-hearted generosity and dramatic flair for enjoyment. Leo can make any gathering a party worth remembering.
  • Virgo – Their meticulous attention to detail and helpful follow-through. Virgo makes SURE things are done right.
  • Libra – Their balanced, peaceful approach. Libra goes out of its way to meet you impartially in the middle.
  • Scorpio – Their passionate loyalty and penetrating psychology. Scorpio digs deeply to evolve a strategy.
    Sagittarius – Their joyous enthusiasm and openness to new ideas. Sagittarius boldly goes off to explore every culture!
  • Capricorn – Their unflinching commitment to standards and ideals that serve the entire community. Capricorn’s executive ability is innate.
  • Aquarius – Their humanitarian outlook and stubborn individualism. Aquarius is the consummate innovator.
  • Pisces – Their dreamy creativity and universal compassion. Pisces is the most psychically sensitive of all the signs.Each sign demands its own approach, of course. But don’t wait for the holidays: you can express these things anytime. The gift of appreciation never fails.