August’s astro-weather is good for business, bad for the heart.  Mars & Saturn are traveling in trine all month, which is to say that we’ll have the discipline to get things done; trouble is, with Venus Retrograde for the entire month, we won’t want to do it.  And that’s not wrong: we NEED to pay attention to relationships this month, beginning with the one to ourselves, so it’s a huge bonus that business matters will roll along nicely without us.  

Except in the matter of cash flow.  Here we may run into problems, because Venus will SQUARE the Saturn trine, and Venus & Mars in Leo will want to do things in a big way—without the funds to cover the cost.  Fortunately, Jupiter moves into frugal Virgo on the 11th, which should stem the extravagant tide.

Uranus will be pitching creative ideas to susceptible Venus all month, too, and some of these are fabulous; however magical, they should be saved for execution at a more propitious (read practical) time.  Mercury is moving faster than usual, which should streamline the evaluation process, but is opposed mid-month (11th-18th) by nebulous Neptune, leading to temporary wooly-minded-ness.

Back to Venus Retrograde: because creativity is flowing and career matters are well in hand, there is a HUGE temptation to distract oneself with frivolities, or delve into work issues; but this would be a mistake.  August is a time to ponder one’s heart as deeply as possible, to ask the difficult questions about current or desired relationships, and to consider what we are willing to offer in order to receive what we need.   NOT doing so could be expensive down the road.

It’s a tall order, and not especially fun.  But necessary.