Ariel Harper Nave

Ariel Harper Nave

I’ve been an astrologer for more than 40 years.  I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in the heart of the North End, in an eclectic house called the Zeitgeist Hotel.  I have taught and practiced astrology internationally; and have been profiled in the popular guide to Psychics and Mediums in Canada.  You might say I’m a believer.


I got into astrology to disprove it.  I was twelve at the time; and out to save the world; and even then I saw the potential for misuse of such a powerful tool.  The first chart I did (my own), however, convinced me that there was something real here, something worth learning.

I’m still learning. I still don’t know WHY it works: only that it does; and that reading horoscopes demands real ethics.  People trust you to help them look at their lives.

I believe that there is NOTHING sent us that we cannot handle if we know ourselves well enough.  But we have to be willing to do the work of learning those selves; and sometimes it helps to have tools and a guide.  And that’s why I do what I do.

5228 Russell Street Halifax NS

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