Not A Fortune-Teller

Got a call from a client, who said she’d been to see me before, tho’—unusually—I didn’t remember her.  Did I still do birth charts?  Sure!  Did I compare charts?  You betcha!  Could she come to see me?  Absolutely!

We set a time; and then came the kicker: “When you read my cards before, you said…” That explained the unfamiliarity.  I don’t read Tarot or any other cards professionally.  She’d confused me with someone else.

Guess it’s time once again to explain what I do, and how it differs from other kinds of readings.

I am an ASTROLOGER, which is to say that I read star charts, maps of the planetary positions at the time of a birth or an event.  I find them an accurate mirror of events on earth.  I can describe your character in detail, emphasizing your strengths and supporting your vulnerabilities.  I can guide you through rough periods of your life and help you capitalize upon the good times.  I can analyze their potential and advise you on how to make the most of your relationships; and I can help you choose a profession, a locale, or a wedding date.

What I can’t do—and wouldn’t, according to my ethics, because I am not a psychic—is tell your fortune.

There are those who DO, ethically—I know many fine psychics and healers—and those who don’t, whom I wouldn’t recommend.  The good ones have many methods—cards, objects, crystals—but what they have in common is a desire to help.  If you don’t sense that at the outset, bail.  If they scare you, RUN. 

But if you want astrological life-coaching—I’m your girl.