It is my habit, when confronted with a new calendar year, to consider it from various angles: the chart of the New Year; the chart of the Winter Solstice which preceded it; the Lunar Month into which it was born; and the major aspects and transits of the year in toto.  In other words, I want to know about the kind of environmental climate into which the year has been “born”; and what its astral weather will be.  Thus I looked; and here’s what I found.

This year STARTED with a Lunation, so the chart of that Lunar Month sets the tone for the year.  And it is turbulent; but wildly purposeful: every planet connects to every other planet, which is to say that tho’ things may SEEM dire, nothing is in fact random.  Events and projects begun this year will change lives and society as a whole; and will reverberate for decades.  No small order!

So here are the trends:

·      Retrogrades:  Venus in January, Mercury in February, Mars, March through most of May.  Saturn goes retrograde, too, on March 2nd; but we won’t feel it as strongly as the personal planets.  Retrogrades are times for reconsidering matters related to the planets in question—Venus, relationships; Mercury, thought; Mars, the worlds of work and temper and their interplay.  Saturn concerns itself with structure and routine, so a retrograde may be time to consider much-needed and long-awaited changes in those areas.

·      Mars in Libra for the first half of the year:  Whether they are just starting, just ending, growing, or absent and longed-for, this year is about relationships.  The work is about learning how to connect positively to another being.  And the first connection is to ourselves. 

·      Uranus square Pluto:         This 5-year aspect reflects the power to change the world.  The last time (before the current transit) these slow-moving planets met in difficult aspect was the 1960s—which was strongest between 1964 and 1968.  In those years we saw the rise of Civil Rights and the Feminist Movement; anti-war protests; radical shifts in mores and modalities; and complete overhaul of daily-ness—routines, diet, dress, and conventions.   The conjunction fell in Virgo, which has to do with duty and detail and discrimination in the order of things.  The square—a 90• relationship—lies between Pluto (transformation) and Uranus (radical change) in Capricorn (governments and institutions) and Aries (the individual), respectively.  This aspect formed in 2011 and will move on in 2016; owing to retrograde motion, there will be seven exact hits.  In between, faster-moving planets will trigger breath-taking events; and the world is unlikely to look the same at the end of them.

So that’s the line-up—societal overhaul with a focus on relationships.  Hold onto your hats, folks:  we’re in for a wild ride.