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My name is Ariel Harper Nave. I’ve been an astrologer for more than 40 years, mainly in Canada and the United States. I read natal charts; relationship charts; relocation charts; horary charts; vocational charts; election (business & event timing) charts; and—NEW OFFERING!—Baby Birthcharts. I use channeled Sabian images to expand and communicate the essence of a chart. I love what I do.

Reading horoscopes demands real ethics, because you’re dealing with real people and real situations. I never forget that it’s an extraordinary privilege to look at clients’ lives with them: it thrills me to see them inspired by the power of their purpose and potential.

I truly believe that there is NOTHING sent us that we cannot handle if we know ourselves well enough; and astrology’s both an efficient tool for growth and a framework for self-knowledge. Let’s explore your chart TOGETHER…


WHEN should I come to see you?” a client asked me once.

There are MANY times to consult your astrologer—and many different kinds of charts—so suit the session to fit the occasion.

Milestones: birthdays; anniversaries; inaugurations (well, okay, new jobs); any significant event or change of circumstances.  We can also use relocation charts to suss out in advance your “fit” with a new city or country.

A Solar Return chart can tell you what your year will be like, and how to work with it.  Likewise, a Lunar Return: once a month, the Moon returns to its natal position; and that chart describes the month you will be having.  Useful info?  You betcha!

Astrology is at its best when assessing relationships.  There are at least five different kinds of charts we can use in determining the strength/health/direction of a relationship; and especially its PURPOSE in your life.

When NOT to come?  When you are in crisis.  It’s a waste of money.  Calm down and THEN call.  I can’t help you if you can’t hear me.

And breathe: you have everything you need to make it through.

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