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Ariel Harper Nave Astrology

Come in—explore—learn—enjoy!

WHEN should I come to see you?” a client asked me once.

There are MANY times to consult an astrologer—and many different kinds of charts—so suit the session to fit the occasion.

  • Milestones: birthdays; anniversaries; inaugurations (well, okay, new jobs); any significant event or change of circumstances. Excellent moments to check in with your planets.
  • Solar Return charts can tell you what your year will be like, and how to work with it; Lunar Returns describe your month ahead. Useful info?  You betcha!
  • Changing careers? Your Natal Chart can point you towards your true vocation.
  • Moving? A Relocation Chart can help you suss out in advance your “fit” with a new city or country.
  • Astrology is at its best when determining the strength/health/direction of a relationship and its purpose in your life. A Synastry Chart—literally, “together stars”—nails it.

All these things are contained within your Birth-Map, which is YOU.

So breathe: you have everything you need to make it through.

I offer:

  • Natal charts
  • Predictive charts (progressions & transit updates)
  • Solar Returns
  • Relationship (comparison & composite) readings
  • Electional (event-timing) charts

On this site you can:

  • learn more about Sabian Symbols, 360 channeled images which add colour and dimension to astrological readings.
  • read astrological articles I’ve written.
  • link to others I think worthwhile.
  • schedule an astro-party or event.
  • sign up for classes or tutorials in astrology.
  • purchase a gift certificate.
  • request a reading with me.

“Welcome…I’m Ariel Harper Nave. I’ve been an astrologer for more than 40 years, using Sabian Symbols to expand and communicate the essence of a chart.

Sabian Symbols are channelled images which give a detailed, accurate description of each degree of the Zodiacal circle—360 in all—allowing a deeper, more precise interpretation. They are the foundation of my work.

I love what I do. Astrology’s an incredible tool for growth: every birth-chart is a map, a framework for self-knowledge. And reading horoscopes demands real ethics, because you’re dealing with real people and real situations.

I never forget that it’s an extraordinary privilege to look at clients’ lives with them: it thrills me to see them inspired by the power of their purpose and potential.

It’s all there, reflected in the planets…YOUR planets.”

Ariel Harper Nave

I live in the North End of Halifax, Nova Scotia. I have taught and practiced astrology internationally for more than 40 years; you can find me in the popular guide to Psychics and Mediums in Canada.  (Or in the phone book.)

I got into astrology to disprove it.  But the first chart I did–my own–convinced me that there was something real here, something worth learning. A way to understand my purpose in the world…and how to get along with others.

I’m still learning. Astrology gives us a language to describe our lives.  I don’t know why it works: only that it does; and I believe that there is NOTHING sent us that we cannot handle if we know ourselves well enough.  But we have to be willing to do the work; and it helps to have tools and a guide. 

Which is why I do what I do.

What Are Sabian Symbols

Sabian Symbols are channelled images, one for each degree of the Zodiac.  They begin with 1• Aries (0.01 degrees = 1 degree) and run through 30• Pisces—360 in all, as in any circle.  They are the cornerstone of my work, because they accurately describe the themes of a chart.

Sabian Symbols were channelled by Elsie Wheeler, a gifted Californian medium, at the request of the visionary astrologer Marc Edmund Jones.  On some unnamed day in 1925, Mr. Jones bundled Ms. Wheeler and her wheelchair—she was badly crippled by rheumatoid arthritis–into his Model A Ford and whisked her off to the beach at Balboa Park.  Over a 3-day period, during which he showed her blank flash-cards and she described the images that came to her, they managed to generate the basis for Sabian astrology.  Marc Edmund Jones wrote a book–The Sabian Symbols in Astrology—and thus was created an invaluable tool for modern astrologers.

Jones’s friend and astrological colleague, Dane Rudhyar, asked permission to expand upon the Symbols, which he laid out with Jungian overtones (he was himself a Jungian therapist of some note) in An Astrological Mandala: The Cycle of Transformations and Its 360 Symbolic Phases.  This is the earliest–and to my mind, the best–of the many publications seeking to build on Jones and Wheeler’s research.

Fast-forward to now:  why use them?  Because they work. 

Take any astrological chart and analyse its planets’ Sabian Symbols, and you unlock the meaning of that chart—the thrust of its potential.  And when it’s your own?  Knowledge is power.

All of my services are geared to suit your needs. Some clients prefer the rhythm of regular personal readings; others place a greater emphasis on decision-making or exploring relationship dynamics. Together we can customize a plan that will allow us to balance your life in relation to the planets. 

Concierge Astrology builds on the model of membership discount.  By making a financial commitment, you get regular, available services at a considerably reduced rate.  I can help you weigh options and evaluate opportunities in accordance with the tenor of the times. 

Regular consultations build both your knowledge of astrology and your understanding of your own psychological cycles—AND ensure that your astrologer is there when you need me!

How Can I Help?

My fee is $165 for a 90-minute consultation.  Here’s what I offer:

  • Natal – A thematic Life-Reading focused on individual character traits and qualities using Sabian imagery and interpretations.  Knowing yourself well allows you to live life in harmony with your strengths and talents.
  • Solar Return – An in-depth Overview of the current year (birthday to birthday). By changing your location on the SR date, you can change the focus of your year!
  • Predictive – A detailed consideration of current progressions & transits to the natal horoscope. Want to know the trends and theme in your life RIGHT NOW?  This is for you!
  • Relationship – A consultation considering both partners’ horoscopes in Comparison and Composite Midpoints. Why are you together? How well do you relate?  Want to improve the quality of your relationship?  Understand it!
  • Timing) – A strategic consideration of event-timing (weddings, business openings, etc.)  Getting married?  Starting a business?  Making a career move?  Maximize the potential of your enterprise–!
  • Relocation – A global exploration of possible places in which to bring out the potential of your Natal Chart. Where in the world do you want to be?  And what do you want to do there?  How would YOU feel there?

In addition— by arrangement:

  • Astro-Tutorials – Learn astrology at your own level according to your own interests–on your own chart!
  • Astro-Parties & Showers – Delightful and memorable events.  Treat your guests to mini-readings of their own horoscopes!

Gift Certificates Available.

Payment accepted by cheque, credit card, or Pay-Pal.  Cash is also delightful!

PLEASE NOTE:  I read from my home offices in both countries, and these are PET-FRIENDLY.  If you are allergic to critters (or just dislike ’em), PLEASE let me know and I will make arrangements for a pet-free venue.