Ariel Harper Nave, Astrologer

Welcome…I’m Ariel Harper Nave. I’ve been an astrologer for more than 40 years, using Sabian Symbols to expand and communicate the essence of a chart.

These channelled images give a detailed, accurate description of each degree of the Zodiacal circle—360 in all—allowing a deeper, more precise interpretation. They are the foundation of my work.

I love what I do. Astrology’s an incredible tool for growth: every birth-chart is a map, a framework for self-knowledge. And reading horoscopes demands real ethics, because you’re dealing with real people and real situations.

I never forget that it’s an extraordinary privilege to look at clients’ lives with them: it thrills me to see them inspired by the power of their purpose and potential.

It’s all there, reflected in the planets…YOUR planets.


WHEN should I come to see you?” a client asked me once.

There are MANY times to consult an astrologer—and many different kinds of charts—so suit the session to fit the occasion. 

  • Milestones: birthdays; anniversaries; inaugurations (well, okay, new jobs); any significant event or change of circumstances. Excellent moments to check in with your planets.
  • Solar Return charts can tell you what your year will be like, and how to work with it; Lunar Returns describe your month ahead. Useful info?  You betcha! 
  • Changing careers? Your Natal Chart can point you towards your true vocation.
  • Moving? A Relocation Chart can help you suss out in advance your “fit” with a new city or country. 
  • Astrology is at its best when determining the strength/health/direction of a relationship and its purpose in your life. A Synastry Chart—literally, “together stars”—nails it. 

All these things are contained within your Birth-Map, which is YOU.

So breathe: you have everything you need to make it through.

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